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Earn rewards for playing games and watching Videos!

Get rewarded for playing games and watching Video? Join us and have the most fun way to earn points is by solving crossword puzzles, quiz and other much more. You can now Reddem points to CASH as low as USD10. If you are ready to have some fun making money from home, then click to

User Membership

Currently there are Basic, Professional and Elite Membership.

Earn Reward

Earn rewards while playing mobile games or watching videos.

Have Fun Everyday

Always treat yourself to fun and allow fun to generate cash everyday!

Introduce us

Make sure you introduce your friends to Monigram App and earn more together.

Transfer Money

You can transfer money to friends. Minimum transfer is USD 1.00

Redeem Cash

Withdraw is allow twice a month. Minimum withdrawal is USD 10.00

Rewarded video ads are now an essential part of online business growth strategy.

Users watch an in-app video ad and receive rewards in return. This is "A WIN-WIN-WIN" for users, developers, and advertisers. Money is now shared by everyone.

  • We offer daily income.
  • Just complete daily task to get BONUS.
  • Install all type of games (new and old game)
  • Earn more points for in-game actions and complete daily and weekly task for even more!.

»»» Connect with us now and start earning. Stay tuned as we add more games!

Monigram App - How it works?

All user is given daily task and after task completion, users are offered with rewards. Best of all the rewards can be redeem for "CASH" just by playing games or watching full-screen video ad.

Start getting rewarded for your game time! We offer progressive loading is a valuable way to ensure rewarded videos are delivered with zero latency. Our engine makes sure that the next rewarded video ad is ready at all times throughout the user’s session, including when an ad closes.

Start generating revenue with Monigram

Do we know that video games have a range of benefits for your child.

Playing simple games can improve your child's mood, promote relaxation, and reduce anxiety. Research has shown that games are essential for healthy development in early childhood and beyond.

  • Play lets children practise what they know, and also what they don't.
  • Children can also build emotional resilience by learning to cope when losing in video games.
  • Socialization is another benefit of video games.

Video games can be a powerful tool to help develop certain skills. A research paper called "Children's Motivations for Video Game Play in the Context of Normal Development" that was featured in the Review of General Psychology. The research included result from studies led to Harvard Medical School. Based on the research, there are 8 reason why video games can be beneficial to your child›s growth and education.

Note *** - Remember that gaming should occur only after your child completes his other responsibilities for the day. That should include homework and household chores. Be sure to check the quality and completeness of homework and chores prior to allowing your child to begin playing. Playing video games should be a privilege that is earned.

Monigram Apps enables people to earn additional passive income via their daily habits. Earn by playing games, watching videos, listening to songs, read article and sharing your opinion.

Video games are often dismissed as unsophisticated or the domain of couch potatoes, but did you know that many common elements of these simulated worlds can provide tangible benefits in real life?
Benefits of video games for both children and adults include: Healthy brain stimulation, Development of problem-solving skills and Stress relief.

Here are the benefits of Video Games For Kids & Adults :

  • Video games can improve manual dexterity.
  • Video games can increase your brain’s gray matter.
  • Gamers may have better social skills.
  • Games can teach you to be a better problem solver.
  • You can become more physically active as a gamer.
  • Video games can improve your vision.
  • Video games can have mental health benefits.
  • They’re a fun way to get tricked into learning.
  • Video games can inspire you to be more persistent.


In here we post what people think about Monigram App. Can you play games for FREE? Do Monigram App pay for playing games ? Too many questions about Monigram App, and some of them will answer this question.


Monigram App Founder

I love to play online games and it makes me feel happy and can forget old days. Now you can earn money and have fun using Monigram App. Have Fun.


Post Graduate Student

Monigram help me to reduce my tension and give me the opprtunity to earn some money while playing games and watch videos. Thank You Monigram.


Business / Electrician

Monigram help me to ensure quality time with family and give me the opportunity to earn money while playing games. Thanks Monigram App.


Introducing Monigram, the app that lets you earn points and redeem for cash while playing games or watching videos. Discover all mobile games that are created just for you. You can now transfer your rewards and reddem for cash. Minimum withdrawal is USD 10. Starter package are



Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know

  • What is Monigram App?

    Monigram App is coins and cash rewarding application to connect video games and videos to earn rewards for your online activities actions! Redeem rewards from USD 10 to Paypal, Westerm Union or Local Online Banking. Lastly we make the most out of your game and leasure time.

  • Like all the best things in life. Monigram is "FREE". The only thing is you can share with us your gaming activities and start earning coins dan redeem for real cash.

  • We have our company secret formula and all are based on algorithm that collected to generate rewards accordingly.

  • For anything related to feedback, ideas, product, design, and campaigns: Contact via Facebook. For all your tech needs, assistance with Monigram or issues with games, please do email to :